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Faye Murray awarded - 2011 Hair Expo Hall of Fame
How coaching works
Your Coach - Step 1

You complete a simple but comprehensive
Business And Management Assessment.

The areas covered in this assessment are:


Your Coach  Team Management

Your Coach  Financial Management


Your Coach  Self-Management

Your Coach  Marketing


Your Coach  Market Identification

Your Coach  Goal Setting


Your Coach  Client Service

Your Coach  Team Training


Your Coach  Systems and Structure

Your Coach  Stock Management

Your Coach - Step 2

Your first coaching session involves
discussion and analysis of this assessment.

This leads you to:


Your Coach  Identify strengths


Your Coach  Identify weaknesses


Your Coach  Identify opportunities


Your Coach  Identify what makes you special

Your Coach - Step 3

An action plan is put in place. Most importantly we make sure that after it is done you don’t put it in a drawer and forget about it! We give you all the tools you need to get your structure right so that you can take real control of your business.

Your Coach - Step 4

Future coaching sessions are about implementing your action plan step-by-step, analysing results and following up as well as introducing new items to your plan.

Friends introduced me to Faye Murray, who I have now been working with for more than 12 months. Faye’s wealth of knowledge and expertise has been a driving force in the success of my business. I had a very strong business background but Faye has still managed to teach an old dog new tricks. Being able to analyse my figures and understand the association between them has made all the difference. I must also mention her clever marketing tricks. believe me, Faye knows when something will work and when it won’t! I truly love working with Your Coach and hope our association continues long into the future. Sandra Walker CocoMousse Also each session will give you a great big dose of motivation and energy at no extra cost.

What about in between sessions?

Often you may have a question or a point for discussion that can’t wait for your next meeting, so you also receive support by phone, fax or email for minor issues that may occur on a day-to-day basis or for feedback on such things as the proposed content of a client mail out or marketing flyer.

Every client’s needs are different and the coaching programme is tailored to your individual requirements.