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Faye Murray awarded - 2011 Hair Expo Hall of Fame
Our other services

Besides salon specific business coaching with owners or managers, Your Coach offers a comprehensive range of other services that meet the needs of salons and product companies.

Team training

Covering a range of subjects including:

  • Client education … retailing with sincerity
  • Goal setting … using the power of goals to enjoy success
  • Generating a teamwork environment … win/win for all
  • Salon communication … affecting others with words
  • Rebooking … the secret to a full appointment book
  • What makes us different … the WOW factor
  • To grow we must be prepared to change
  • Exciting clients to have extra services
  • Building a business within a business

Plus subjects prepared for specific needs.

Faye is an absolute professional, her knowledge as a business coach is outstanding! Since I joined the program in 2008 my salon has increased in sales and in so many other ways as well. As long as I am in business I will remain Faye’s client, as it is a pleasure working with her. I believe Faye truly does care about my salon and its future!!! Rechelle Watt , Lamonde Hair Face Body

Receptionist training

The receptionist in any salon holds the key to the success of that salon. Training and ongoing development for them is not a maybe it is a MUST. Where do you get receptionist training designed for a hairdressing salon?

Your Coach provides it.


Your Coach is able to offer to companies, organisations and salons who are holding conferences, weekend get-aways or team building exercises, a range of individually designed workshops/presentations.

Everyone’s needs are different and so each session is designed to meet the requirements of each client.

Mystery client surveys

A fantastic way to motivate and train your team while getting honest and reliable feedback from existing and new clients. Presented in a positive way so that every one is excited about taking part this always has the effect of lifting standards and focussing on consistent client service.

Facilitation of client feedback evenings

A great way to receive open and honest feedback from existing clients. You arrange a number of clients and in consultation with Your Coach, agree on the type of information you would like to gather. Your Coach will then formulate the questions and agenda for the evening, which is held without you there to guarantee honest answers and information. A debrief and comprehensive report is provided after the event.

For more information contact any of the Your Coach team.