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Training Kits

Retail Kit - This kit contains a step-by-step plan for salon owners to successfully build an amazing retail business plus a step by step plan for each team member to follow.


including P&H*

Consultation Kit - This kit is a fantastic training tool for salon owners and managers to teach and train your team, so that your clients will receive consultations like they should be done not just “what are we doing today”.


including P&H*

Exciting Team Meeting Kit - This is a great kit for any manager who does not enjoy doing team meetings because they recognise they simply don’t do it well or find it difficult to make a meeting interesting. Learn all the ideas the good communicators use to deliver an exciting team meeting.


including P&H*

Business Plan - This plan could be used by any size salon, big or small to develop a simple but effective business plan. This resource is only available via email at a cost of $29.95.


email delivery only*

Training CDs by Faye Murray

10 Hot Marketing Ideas


including P&H*

Creating Staff and Client Loyalty (double CD pack)


including P&H*


Training Kits

Your Coach Retail KitRetail Kit

What is contained in the retail kit?

The retail kit is designed in two parts. The first part is the salon owner’s guide

Steps to Retail Success Your Step By Step Plan
Salon Owner’s Guide

Every salon has different needs and will choose to tailor their plan for providing the service of retail to their clients in a slightly different way. So for that reason this is a template. It is not designed to tell you “this is the way it must be done”. In order to achieve success it must feel right for the way your salon operates.

This template has been designed to assist you to put a step-by-step procedure together for how each and every member of your team (including you the salon owner) is to provide the service of retail recommendation. For example in the same way you have a step-by-step procedure for the way you do a particular hair service you need to have steps to follow to recommend retail.

A recipe will guarantee you a successful result. Don’t leave out any ingredients or steps or else your end result will not be what you desire.


The ingredients for client education/successful retailing:

  • The salon owner must be 100% committed
  • The team must BELIEVE in educating their clients
  • The team must BELIEVE in recommending what the client needs
  • Get rid of the frequently used excuses
  • Must have a product that the price point matches your salon charges
  • Must have displays that say you are in the retail business (stock sells stock)

The second section is called The Team Members Plan For Successful Retailing and give the steps that are needed for a team member to confidently professionally prescribe and recommend what products a client needs between salon visits. There are 12 steps that need to be followed, with each step it clearly shows exactly what to do.

This retail is producing some amazing results.

I have chosen 3 different salons results to share with you.

Salon One – 3 operator salon was selling an average of $300 products per week. During April they averaged $983 per week.

Salon Two – Owner operator plus apprentice was selling an average of $85 products per week …. Pretty scary …. Is now doing an average of $420 per week

Salon Three – A Big Salon – 7 operators was doing it quite well. They manage and measure in units, not dollars. Was doing .75 of a unit per client is now averaging 1.25. That means each client is buying an average of 1.25 products (which they need). This has resulted in increased retail sales each week of approximately $3,000. Yes that is an increase.

Those who are still not taking action to develop this side of their business, time to get off your BTM’s and start working with your plan and immediately you too will see results.


Consultation KitConsultation Kit

A good consultation will always be the beginning of making absolutely sure you have a happy client. Consultation like any skill needs to be learned. This kit has all the information you need to teach and train your team to be truly professional and do thorough and exciting consultations.

It contains:

  • What does a good hair consultation really mean
  • The Myth-Understandings about consultation
  • Why we do consultation
  • Who should have a consultation
  • Consultations for new clients
  • Consultations for exiting clients
  • What your clients expect
  • How to gain the confidence of your clients
  • Get your clients involved
  • Asking the right questions
  • Conversational questions, enquiring questions and closed questions when to use these correctly
  • 8 steps to a great consultation

PLUS handouts and exercise sheets


Exciting Team Meeting KitExciting Team Meeting Kit

Are your team meetings worth turning up for or do you struggle to get your people to attend willing? Are your team meetings exciting and do you motivate your people during these sessions? Do you plan them so that you cover the most important subjects and get the results you need?


Are your team meetings same old same old, each time and do you question if they really are worth it?

If this is the case you need to make some changes.

Communication with your team is critical and if you are not naturally good at doing this you can learn, with help. Team meetings are not a maybe they are a must but they must be well done so that you and your team benefit from the time you invest and they are interesting, exciting and educational.

This wonderful training resources contains

  • 27 Team meeting suggestions specific to hairdressing
  • 27 Handout for each team meeting
  • plus ideas on how to plan and deliver exciting team training sessions.


Business PlanBusiness Plan

Every successful business should have a business plan. It does not need to be a long document. It should be simply a concise picture of your salon business now and in the future as you see it. It is your story and should be written like you want it to be. This template is simple and easy to follow and gives you the key areas you need to include.







Training CDs by Faye Murray

10 Hot Marketing Ideas - Faye Murray

Faye's 10 favourite marketing ideas that are guaranteed to give a great result but won't blow your budget. Doing business without a marketing plan is like winking at someone in a dark room. You know what you are doing, but no one else does.

Creating Staff and Client Loyalty

What you need to know, to manage the headaches and heartaches of these areas of your salon. The challenge of staff retention is one of the greatest obstacles salons need to overcome. Learn how it can be done so you are not constantly looking for new hairdressers that are like hen's teeth to dind. Client retention is an absolute must if you want to grow and have a successful salon. Faye Murray has the strategies for you that will help you to have clients returning again and again and singing your praises to others.


*Prices listed include postage for sending within Australia, additional purchases will increase postage rate, but this will be confirmed when order is placed. International postage quoted on request.

Call 07 3287 9199 or email to arrange purchase.